Helping Hands Caretakers is a community service initiative whose mission is to give back to those in need through 5 acts of kindness. HHC will provide Hope, Empowerment, and support to the elderly, disabled, single mothers, and veterans.

We aim to bring together the great community that exists in our city.

We have great faith in our ability to deliver an incredibly motivating program emphasizing using young people's energy constructively and assisting those in need. It can be challenging to identify who, why, and where young people desire to help the community and when they are in need. We concentrate on resolving all this while assisting neighbors in maintaining and caring for their lawns.

Contact Info

Phone Number: 1-(305)-990-3123

Business Email: aboveaveragehh@yahoo.com

Other Ways You Can Help

We need help from companies that do landscaping or lawn care. Please think about helping out by paying for the lawns of seniors. You can get a tax break for some of the money you spend when you volunteer.

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