Free Lawn care service. As an act of kindness, we will provide free lawn care service to elders, the disabled, single mothers, and our veterans.

Volunteer Service: As an act of kindness, we will host and train volunteers from across generations to work together to help those In need while strengthening community bonds.

Youth in action: As an act of kindness, we host weekend volunteering and mentoring to youth to empower young people while keeping our community clean, vibrant and beautiful.

Giveaway: As an act of kindness, we will host a community giveaway to those needing school supplies, toiletries, household cleaning supplies, food, gas cards, and bus cards.

Annual community cleanup day: As an act of kindness, we will host an annual community cleanup day that will bring volunteers together to clean, repair, and improve public spaces and or other areas that have been neglected.

Contact Info

Phone Number: 1-(305)-990-3123

Business Email: aboveaveragehh@yahoo.com

Other Ways You Can Help

We need help from companies that do landscaping or lawn care. Please think about helping out by paying for the lawns of seniors. You can get a tax break for some of the money you spend when you volunteer.

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